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Never underestimate a Christian mother’s influence; she’s one of the most powerful forces on earth!

Behind every child is a mother who is doing her best.

Despite feelings of failure and inadequacy, she is trying to pave a future for her child that is a bit more level than her rocky path. Behind the smiles are countless nights of worry. Underneath concealer are dark circles from hardships. Beneath the strong exterior is a fragile woman trying to hold herself and everything else together. Deep breath, Momma. God sees all of you—your beautiful and your broken pieces—and loves every part! He chose you for the important task of being your child’s mother, and He believes in you even when you may not believe in yourself. And, His faith in you matters most. 

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He’s got this, Momma. And, He’s got you too. You are a Woman of Redemption.

Shannon and Stephanie share many commonalities, but one of their favoritesin addition to being Christian authorsis being Christian mothers. Together, they build each other up and utilize their Broken & Beautiful Retreats, LLC ministry to help Christian women (mommas included) to embrace the broken, empower the beautiful and support them in experiencing breakthroughs.

The Lord placed on their heart to learn from each other and women in Scripture to co-author a book series called Women of Redemption. The first book of the series is written for women they know best, mothers.

Their first co-authored book is dedicated to each and every mother who is ready to surrender the belief that she can tackle motherhood alone. Perfection isn’t required; walking in lockstep with God is. In studying eight biblical mothers, Shannon and Stephanie uncover hope and the reminder that Jesus’ lineage is built from broken to beautiful women.

Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.

Galatians 6:9 (NASB)

women of redemption: Book 1

Motherhood Wisdom from 8 Biblical Matriarchs

Discover the broken and beautiful biblical accounts of Sarah, Hagar, Jochebed, Bathsheba, Mary, Elizabeth, the Shunammite woman and the Canaanite woman. Shannon and Stephanie mined Scripture to reveal powerful motherhood lessons, intertwining their own vulnerable experiences as practical examples of applying biblical truths.

This book offers encouragement, grace, and truth for the challenging journey of motherhood. It acknowledges the daily battles with discouragement and feelings of inadequacy, providing tools to overcome them. Strong mothers build strong families, impacting communities and eternity.

Women of Redemption

This book is a soothing balm for my motherly soul… a sweet reminder that I am chosen for such time as this despite my brokenness and shortcomings… A MUST read not just for mothers, but all women who need supernatural HOPE that there is purpose in the pain.

Summer Crawford

Owner of Summer Crawford Design

As you dive into Women of Redemption, you’ll…

  • Witness God’s redemptive hand in all seasons of your motherhood journey.
  • Find assurance that God sees you every day and in the mundane.
  • Gain insights for navigating motherhood in a corrupt culture.
  • Discover wisdom for journeying through trauma and pain.
  • Encounter Jesus as the difference-maker in your motherhood path.
  • Uncover grace despite any motherhood challenges you’ve faced.
God Doesn’t Create Broken-to-Beautiful Stories Overnight

Interested in additional resources to assist in your broken-to-beautiful motherhood journey? We’ve got you covered, Momma.

If there is one piece of advice Shannon and Stephanie are confident will help any mother on their motherhood journey, it’s to be in the Word daily. The Bible is living and breathing, begging to be a part of your life in ways you couldn’t dream possible. They have seen how Scripture has changed them, and they are excited to learn how it will continue to change you.

As you study these eight women highlighted in the book, dig into each woman’s story in Scripture as well. Wrestle with their stories. Put yourself in each woman’s shoes. Walk a day in her life. Consider how her story applies to yours. Study her deeply like Shannon and Stephanie have, and they know God will show up for you and in you. While specific Scripture verses used as a part of the individual studies are acknowledged in each chapter, they figured you’d find it helpful to have them listed in one place along with journal prompts to support your personal study time. 

Share your name and email in the box on the right to download journal prompts and Scripture passages to align with each chapter of this book. 

The Broken & Beautiful Podcast offers Scripture-based and Spirit-led discussions on relevant topics Christian women experience and real-time biblical insights for life-changing application. Shannon and Stephanie invite you to specifically carve out time to enjoy the Women of Redemption series of the podcast, which highlights seven broken and beautiful stories of women in the Bible, some of which are found in this book and others that aren’t, including Hannah, Ruth, Eve, the woman caught in adultery, and the woman with the issue of blood. What a beautiful complement to the messages you’ve just read.

Broken & Beautiful Retreats, LLC offers Christian women an intentional and Spirit-led pause to reconnect, recalibrate and rejuvenate. We were made for community; we learn from one another, and our brokenness is at the heart of what connects us. This is at the foundation of Broken & Beautiful Retreats, LLC, a ministry founded and co-led by Shannon and Stephanie. Together, they host women’s retreats, collaborate with groups to bring their unique experiences to their communities, host Bible studies and share their real-world biblical insights with women through keynotes, workshops, podcasts and more. 

Learn more about how you can experience a broken and beautiful breakthrough by inviting Shannon and Stephanie to create a custom experience for your community, attend an upcoming Broken & Beautiful Retreat or learn how you can support their ministry by visiting

Shannon and Stephanie want to equip you to lift the learnings from the page and into the lives of your communities. A complement to this book, they are building two resources you will be excited to learn about!

The Women of Redemption: An Interactive Bible Study on Motherhood is expected to release Fall 2024. This Bible Study will include daily reflections, additional Scripture insights, group discussion questions, prayer prompts and more. Their interactive Bible study is designed for individual or group use, to challenge, inspire and offer practical application for mothers of all types. Women aspiring to motherhood, mothers in the trenches of raising the next generation and matriarchs who seek to offer mentorship to other mothers will be strengthened and set free through this Bible study to fully live out their sacred calling, right where God has them each day.

Also, a discussion guide for book study groups is on the horizon. Be sure to share your information in the box to the right to be the first to know of these additional resources when they release.

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Women of Redemption Book

God has chosen you to influence the children in your life, and He’s especially equipped you to fulfill that calling.

Women of Redemption births renewed vision for Christian mothers seeking to fulfill their sacred calling. By studying these biblical matriarchs, all mothers—grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, mothers, step-mothers, foster mothers, adoptive mothers and more—will embrace their opportunity to guide the next generation toward their God-given legacy while rediscovering their purpose in the divine gift of motherhood.

an inspiring piece that connects today’s woman to our biblical counterparts and reminds us that God’s path for us has an intimate purpose, even in our most difficult moments.
Erin Craft, Owner of 3 Willows Boutique
Family is God’s idea. In a culture that has diluted the meaning of family (more specifically, Godly family), Shannon and Stephanie take us back to the high calling of motherhood.
Rev. Rebecca Peterson, Retired Methodist Minister
The authors offers a refreshing take on the beauty and complexity of motherhood. With joy and care, they leave the reader feeling seen and encouraged, able to embrace their own journey of motherhood.
Kelly Hamilton, Founder/Executive Director of The Connected Life